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The Luminarium is immensely proud to present our twenty fifth Exhibition to you, bearing the title and theme of "Silver", as to celebrate our silver anniversary.

In scientific terms, Silver is a chemical element which is known for possessing the highest electrical conductivity; with immensely varying amounts of usage in coins, solar panels, water filtration and of course jewelry and ornaments. Story-wise, it's often compared as the second most valuable material to gold. A value that we take highly, as this exhibition marks our 25th endeavor to bring you extraordinary art, a challenge that we take with immense pleasure and excitement.

With a landmark as this, we expected our artists to push themselves to the limit and beyond. That is exactly what we got with more than thirty original works of art set in varying media, which are worth their weight in silver.
To underline our exceedingly talented roster, we turned the spotlight to Andrea Carecci, AKA Magic Fox, who has enlightened us with his amazingly control of technical and creative know how, and was a logical choice to highlight the growing diversity of artists that we nurture.

We are very proud of this achievement, and we hope that our twenty fifth pack will bring you as much inspiration and enjoyment, if not more, than the twenty four that came before.

The Luminarium Staff

On a personal note this release contained my 60th Lum piece, which is quite a milestone. Lum has been a big part of my life for the last 7 years and a huge part of my artistic development so a massive thank you to everyone who has been a part of it!

Slightly delayed by me I know.... but here you are:

The Luminarium presents our 24th Exhibit: Illuminate VI. After a summer of change for a lot of us within the team, one thing that hasn't changed is the quality which our artists put into their work. In our 6th installment of our Illuminate series we have some outstanding musical contributions again from  ScottStedman and Clyde Machine to sit alongside photography from the likes of Joakim Olaussen and Andres Gallardo Albajar, as well as Science Fiction scapes from Christian Hecker and abstract art from the likes of Lum new-boy Stuart Ballinger.

The Luminarium presents Illuminate VI

In our 23rd exhibit, we have explored the cybernetic & cyberpunk universes and our take on the idea of a Kibernetik future.

With over 30 pieces our artists have approached the theme in a variaty of ways and each presented their own unique visions of the Cyberpunk environment by creating stunning pieces about computer systems, mechanical structures, symbiotic biological & cognitive organisms.

This exhibition presents a crossing between advanced technoligical surroundings and post-apocalyptic worlds.

The Luminarium presents Kibernetik

>View the Exhibit Here

It also has 2 pieces by me, a solo piece and a collab with the superb Maxime des Touches! Go have a look!
So at some point in the last week while I managed to hit 100k pageviews, seems like quite a large number!


In few words...

The Luminarium presents our 22nd Exhibit : Illuminate V. This exhibit is the continuation of our great Illumination series and
our artists explored the freestyle theme once again with high quality artworks.
Digital paintings, matte paintings, music, photography and more, The Luminarium is proud to share a huge diversity of artworks with more than 40 incredible pieces !


I also have 2 pieces in there, a collaboration with Jay Knowles which was great fun and a panorama. I really hope everyone has enjoyed it!

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So today I received my 8th DD which is a pretty awesome early birthday present. It was for a piece made for theluminarium's last release Elements. So I do need to say a few thank yous for it, firstly and most importantly to jk3y who collabed with me on it, and frankly did the whole making it pretty part (I provided the renders and some early postwork/scene setting, he did the focal point, jazzy lighting and jellyfishes), hats off to you mate, this is as much your DD as mine! Secondly I have to thank both :devsavagefrong: and PolyMune for suggesting and featuring it respectively! Thank you all.

Illuminate by Smiling-Demon

Also it is getting close to the release of The Luminarium's 22nd release, there are some really sick pieces in it and a couple of fantastic debuts so get excited!

Finally myself and agiaco are putting together the final touches to IN's next website, it is has had a much more organised development than the last incarnation and has definitely benefited as a result. So watch this space in regards to IN, but when it is back, it will be back with eyecandy!

For our 21st release we have decided to explore those fundamental building blocks of life, the elements. Be they the ones that the ancients first believed in; Earth, Air, Fire and Water; or the modern periodic table elements.

Without these basic pieces we would be nothing and we hope to have done their majesty justice. Elements contains over 40 pieces of art and music with contributions from old hands like our founder Jorik Dozey all the way through to the debuts of Courtney Wooster and Breli.

I've got 6 pieces in here, a mini-series of 4, another solo piece and a collab. Probably my biggest haul yet as it were. Go check it all out!

Lots of work, many months and one dead art collective revived later, we're back with our monumental 13th experiment! Check it out deviants (:

Some say thirteen is an unlucky number.  We like to think differently here.  Ironically, Intrinsic Nature returns feeling luckier than ever, featuring Experiment 13 on our brand new website. After a long, unanticipated hiatus and hopeful return, IN13 doesn't disappoint.  The online gallery is jam-packed with a wide range of digital art and photography featuring the old and the new from our core of talented artists.  And Don't worry, we have plenty of music tracks to keep your ears occupied while you get lost in the artwork.

IN13 unveils 54 works of art from 73 international artists.  Don't forget to check out the exclusive interviews with our featured artists Macabre, Pezcado and Dyst.  So wait no longer!  Enter IN13 and experience what you've been craving ever since we mysteriously vanished from the web!  

We're back folks!

Check out the experiment here:…

So I received my 7th Daily Deviation yesterday which was a really awesome thing to wake up to, really unexpected as well (although I guess DDs always are)! A big thank you to alltheoriginalnames for featuring Jump Gate, and a lot of love to everyone who has faved it and watched me since I really appreciate the support everyone on here gives me!

Also for those who don't know anyway Jump Gate was made for The Luminarium's 20th release which is a big milestone for us, and our best release to date. You should all check it out (click on the image below).

The Luminarium is proud to present our 20th exhibit Adventure! It is quite a milestone for us and we are glad to share with you what is our biggest, and quite possibly best, release yet. Adventure explores that inner curiosity that drives so much of humanities achievements. That desire to know what is over the horizon, what is beyond the next turn. The Luminarium has been quite an adventure for many of us over the course of our 20 releases and long may it continue into the future. Adventure holds over 50 pieces of artwork and music, with pieces from old hands like Glenn Clovis, Chris Cold and Alex Fralin, some outstanding work from Kuldar Leement as well as some notable debut's from Erik Schumacher, Anna Hollinrake, Matthias Utomo, Jakob Hansson and Scott Steadman. Come and Join us on our Adventure.

Be sure to check out the group interview as well (…) and we have also changed hosts so the site should be quicker and have room for the expansion we are going through.

Alastair Temple
Luminarium Administrator

For our 20th release, we are going to be doing something a little different in regards to our featured artist. We are going to feature the whole artists group, after all without them and their hard work we are nothing.

In respect to this we are looking for questions from you guys and girls! Ask anything you would like to know about our artists, about life in the group, inspiration sources, favourite pieces and so on. We will get various artists from across the group to answer your questions!

You can send us your question by commenting on our DA journal (…), posting on our facebook page (…) or by tweeting to us (
In the summer of 2012 Intrinsic Nature vanished from the internet under unfortunate circumstances, but the group refused to be beaten. Since then a refreshed staff have been hard at work designing and developing the 4th incarnation of the website. Not only was this project to keep the group alive but to give a statement of intent to keep producing the experimental art approach core to the groups values. With that in mind it was key to ensure that the art was at the forefront of the design.  We are proud to be able to introduce to you the new Intrinsic Nature.

The Intrinsic Nature Design Team would like to thank Adam Cairns and Reichull Rusk for their support and help in putting the site together. Additionally the whole staff would like to thank; all the artists for their patience during the development, Glenn Robinson for starting Intrinsic Nature in the first place and Brandon Stout for making this project achievable.


I did the design work for this so I'm pretty proud of how it has turned out. You can check out the behance project here:…
After months of determination, we are proud to present Evoke's 29th exhibition, The End. The End brings a dark and inspiring variety of art, music, and photography. We released this exhibition on the day the Mayan calendar ends, a day predicted to signify the termination of the world as we know it. Feelings of death, rage, gloom, and bereavement are scattered throughout the artwork. Our featured artist, Parker Gibson, produced some truly outstanding collaborations and solo works for this release. He stuck with his roots, creating art that displays his rough sketch style through paint splatters and quick strokes. Howard Winterson is another dominant force in the exhibition. He crafts your imagination by his use of bold shapes, vivid colors, and detailed patterns. Long-time member Ricardo collaborated on several pieces, helping to push our newer artists to their maximum potential. Many recent recruits also contributed to the success of this release. Mike Yang's photography, Martin Grohs' matte painting, Raf Banzuela's digital painting, and Mikolaj Lawnicki's photo-manipulations are all fresh Evoke artists pushing the boundaries. On behalf of Evoke, we hope you enjoy our 29th exhibition! Grab some popcorn and browse fast, just in case the world really does end! -Brandon Spahn, EvokeOne Sr. Member

Everyone go check out the whole project on behance:… and download a train or two to make. This has been a lot of fun and would be great for it to get some support from the effort everyone (especially Theo) has put in!

In our 19th release The Luminarium explores our more sinister side. We look for our deepest, darkest desires. Those things we wish for in the dead of the night, or that fit of rage. Our ghosts, our demons, the skeletons in our closets. The Luminarium presents The Dark Side of the Mind.

Hell yeah, great start to a Friday morning. Got a DD today for my Lum piece "The Guardians of the Temple".

Guardians of the Temple by Smiling-Demon

So a big thank you to :iconinfinite705: (who has suggested both of my last 2 DDs, much much love) and to :iconalltheoriginalnames:

This now means I have received DDs for all the artistic areas I cover, Abstracts, Photography and now Sci-Fi too, which makes me really pleased.

My other DDs are:

My Strip Of Sky by Smiling-Demon From My Pirch by Smiling-Demon Hypergraf by Smiling-Demon Into The Unknown by Smiling-Demon Yamato by Smiling-Demon
Hey all, on my facebook page I'm running a little give away. I have 5 iPhone skins to give away (3 designs), it would be cool to get a number of entries from you all!

Enter it here:…
Our 18th release is a tribute to that which gives us all huge amounts of inspiration. The natural world. Nature has been an inspiration for those of an artistic bent for time immemorial, from cave men drawing the animals around them on cave walls to the great impressionist Monet's landscape paintings. At The Luminarium we are no different, so Gaia we salute you.

Check it out here:…

I have 4 pieces of work in this release, 2 photos, an abstract and a colab with Kuldar Lement.
Edit 2:

Seems comments have been disabled on his page and that comments are slowly disappearing. Lets see what happens next.


You can see a full list of those confirmed so far here:…

Original Post:

... and it's by a "big un". Surprised which piece it was in the end.

Anyway the guy who does the artwork for excision / subhuman, I'm assuming people know who they are, I don't, has been ripping people. You might well have seen that Jonathan Foerster was ripped in a big way by him:…

Anyway my piece from a while ago "The Rings": is in one of them too…

Screenshots if he removes it and denies it:……

I didn't see anything else I explicitly recognised, but I'm sure there are plenty of people's work in there. Anyway you all know the drill.

The facebook page is: